Old English

If you're interested in learning Old English, you don't have an easy road in front of you. As an historical language, there are no native speakers to chat with, no movies to watch, and no immersion programmes. In recent years, some historical languages, Latin in particular, have made great strides in the quantity and quality of material available for learners of those languages. The resources available for Old English still have a way to go to reach the level of those available for Latin. That said, through the diligent efforts of many teachers and scholars, good resources do exist. The trick is finding them.

This portion of the site is my attempt to improve the situation. I have gathered together a list of free resources I and others have found helpful. I have also created some resources of my own, which are listed below. Finally, I am teaching an Old English course for beginners with the Ancient Language Institute.

I plan to augment this collection of resources with things I find along my path as well as things I create myself, so check back often, or – better yet – subscribe to the newsletter and I'll let you know when there's something new.

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