The Winged Schwa newsletter.

I publish a linguistics newsletter called The Winged Schwa. Each issue has a short piece of writing on some linguistic topic, and/or links to anything else I've written, filmed, or found on the internet over the past two weeks. Topics include linguistics, language learning, conlangs, and Old English. Issues also include invitations to free events as well as discounts on courses.

Best newsletter I receive.

Natasha Lipman

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does it arrive?

Currently on an irregular schedule. I'll send an email when there's something interesting coming up, such as an event you'd be interested in attending.

Why “The Winged Schwa”?

Schwa is the name for the sound in the first syllable of the English word “banana”. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, it's written like so: [ə]. It's become a sort of symbol for linguistics as a field. And in this case, the schwa has wings because it flies into your inbox every week.

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