My conlangs

This page is currently a stub.

This page is meant to host all of my conlang work over the years. It's currently very incomplete and will be updated as I dig things out of old notebooks and hard drives.

Sketches from old notebooks

  • Akinam (2018, sketch): A language influenced grammatically by Sumerian, with a limited stock of nominal roots and extensive compounding.
  • Dara Vai (2018, sketch): A language influenced grammatically by Hausa and phonologically by Manchu.
  • Fasik (2021, sketch): A lightly inflected conlang influenced grammatically, but not phonologically, by Latin.
  • Hiskaras (2015, sketch): A sketch of a language with some influence from Middle Egyptian.

Languages of the Owl-Chicken World

Qal family

Sakrat family


Other projects

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