Fasik: A Modestly Inflected Conlang

This is a sketch of Fasik, a conlang I started work on in late 2021. It was intended as an example for a class I was teaching, but I liked the look of it too much not to develop it a bit further. It was intended to be an example of a lightly inflected SVO language, influenced grammatically somewhat by Latin, without any influence from Latin phonology.


In this description, all Fasik forms are written in IPA.


The Rooster

Weris, sipa jutete rumosan, wexoropan wiputufin, fasik: "Uju a naitekon numan ut xosuikan? Tor wiputufitiris fenaiteko ten, inuxe femasi rua rou teka jin komu fon, sejaxi femasi oe xiwaruxon. Munam ruan men imakan jaesan komu an sun im kane xarun; sea munam, a femasi fokonasi nuxen men jamikan teka sen wiputufin."

weris, sipa jutet-e rumos-an, wexoropa-n wiputufi-n, fas-ik
rooster.NOM, while turn-PRES dung-ACC, encounter-PRES jewel-ACC, say-PRES.PART,
A rooster, while turning dung, encountered a jewel, saying,

uju a naiteko-n numa-n ut xosuik-an?
why 1SG find-PRES thing-ACC so shining-ACC?
"Why do I find such a shining thing?

tor wiputufitiris fe-naiteko te-n
if jeweller.NOM PST-find 2SG.ACC,
If a jeweller found you,

inuxe femasi rua rou teka ji-n komu fo-n
nothing.NOM IRR be happy from this-ACC DAT 3SG-ACC,
Nothing would be luckier for him than this,

sejaxi femasi oe xiwaruxo-n
considering.that IRR know price-ACC:
Considering that he would know the price.

munam rua-n men imak-an jaes-an komu a-n sun im kan-e xaru-n;
indeed be-3SG of no-ACC use-ACC DAT 1SG-ACC, and not esteem-PRES great-ACC;
Indeed, it is of no use to me, and I do not value it as a great thing (lit. 'esteem it great').

sea munam a femasi fokonasi nuxe-n men jamik-an teka se-n wiputufi-n
yes indeed 1SG IRR prefer grain-ACC of barley-ACC from all-ACC jewels-ACC
Yes, indeed, I would prefer a grain of barley to all the jewels."

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