Hi! I'm Colin Gorrie. From academia to startup, from startup to agency, from agency to government, and from government back to startups (including one of my own), what I've learned is: code is code is code. No matter who writes it or what they write it for, code will always need to be changed, extended, and maintained. Clean code is a set of principles and practices for making that process as easy and as cheap as possible.

My background is in linguistics, which means that I am a self-taught developer and I love helping people get into the industry from unconventional backgrounds. It also means that I have an eye for the general patterns that transcend individual languages, and a passion for teaching others about them.

Finally, I love tea, owls, and inventing languages. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch.



  • Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Arizona
  • B.A. Linguistics, University of Toronto

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