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If you see anything you're interested in, let me know by filling out this Google form. I'll be prioritizing developing the courses that have the most interest.


  • Language Construction Workshop: This is a hands-on introduction to conlanging, where I'll take you through the process of making a language from the ground up. See course page.

In Development

No courses currently in development. Good things come to those who wait!


These are courses I'm considering teaching but have no firm schedule for doing so. All titles are very tentative.

Introductory/Survey Courses

  • How Language Works, If You're Curious: An introduction to linguistics for language lovers
  • The Origin and Structure of English Words: a general introduction to the linguistic aspects of English words, with emphasis on etymology
  • The Intellectual History of Linguistics: a broad-strokes history of the development of linguistics as a field, placed in a broader intellectual context

Advanced Courses

  • Let's Reconstruct a Proto-Language: Learn Historical Linguistics by Doing It
  • History of the Romance Languages
  • Morphological Theory
  • Phonological Theory
  • Linguistic Typology

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